Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I'm Keen on: Valentine's Day Edition.

Last year, when I started blogging, I would occasionally post "What I'm keen on". It was a few clothing items, music, beauty products, movies or whatever that I was into at the moment.
Here's a Valentine's red & pink edition!

(Starting upper left hand corner and working to the right)
1. Depression era pink glass. Always gorgeous. Pink is a difficult color to find.
2. Mad Men ads. They are brilliant. Here's the one on Sunset Blvd.
3. Jason Wu for Target. 
4. Birchbox. They never disappoint. I highly recommend signing up.
(Left, going down)
5. Skirt from Anthropologie. Be still my beating heart! This lovely piece graced the Anthro catalogue cover. I catch myself longingly staring at it. 
6. Lars and the Real Girl. Unconventional love story. Ryan Gosling with a mustache & weird sweaters! 
7. Chevron striped kitchen dinnerware from Target. Get in my cabinets already!!
Oh, there's this little goodie that came in the mail yesterday:

I love my skeleton cameo. It's very appropriate to wear while listening to Dead Man's Bones. My friend Courtney makes these and other wonderful accessories. They are for sale in her etsy shop, Beloved Garden.
You might also be admiring my pink heart/leopard print robe. My Valentine's Day gift from Cameron. 
Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! 
Here's a romantic song to top it all off.

One last thing:
I need this dress.


good+hardy said...

No joke, I love all of these things too. Birchbox is woahmazing, such a fun break. (And did you get the egg shaped make-up applicator in the last one? GENIUS.) I too have been eyeballing all of these Target goodies, and I have a collection of pink depression glass from my great-great-grandma - gorgeous stuff. And Lars and the Real Girl is so darling and odd and sweet/weird all at the same time. I seriously got so excited at how much I like this stuff. Yay for what you're keen on being back! :)

Leigh said...

You have a pink depression glass? I'm jealous! I didn't get the egg shaped thingy. I think it's due to me being more "skin care" leaning in my profile. Maybe Birchbox doesn't love me as much. :) Glad you like what I'm keen on!

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