Friday, February 10, 2012

Aunt Toot!

My sister came and stayed with us for six days. We packed quite a bit into those days. 
Church, Super Bowl, Cameron's birthday, Bible Study, train rides, bus rides, LACMA, library, park, walks, Amoeba, Ben Kweller (bonus: William H. Macy), and Drive locations. Lauren and I also managed to stay up too late most of those nights watching movies (Crazy, Stupid, Love & Troll 2 are just two of our glorious selections), Friday Night Lights & Stefon on SNL. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week:
1. Cameron and Mae at church on his birhday.
2. Josiah and Aunt Toot watch Ben Kweller play.
3. Josiah inhales an artichoke.
4. At the park.
5. Mae & Aunt Toot give Cindy Crawford & Tyra Banks a run for their money.
6. Aunt Toot  & Mae look tough while taking public transportation.
7. Ben Kweller & his band at Amoeba records.
8. Aunt, nephew, niece.


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