Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's been tickling my fancy this week.

1. England! Since we first tried fish & chips at Lucky Baldwin's here in Pasadena, I've been on a bit of a British bender. I'm quite excited for Wills & Kate to get married. There are several very crafty little subjects in England that are creating their own spin on all things royal wedding. You can take a look here.
2. The Doctor. Continuing with my British obsession, I've added Doctor Who to my favorite TV shows. The new series (they are called series in across the pond, not seasons) are available on Netflix watch instantly. If you don't know, Doctor Who is a wonderful little Sci-Fi show that's been on the BBC since 1963. They recently rebooted it and brought it back for another complete series. The characters change and the stories are all over the place, but it's a perfect little program. I highly recommend it, especially if you or someone you know loves Star Wars, Star Trek or is basically a nerd already.
3. Kalas Bowls from Ikea. They are the perfect portion for cereal, snack or soup. They are great for travel, too. Priced at $1.99 for 5, you can't go wrong.
4. Vintage Valentine's Day Decor. I love to love Valentine's Day. I've searched all over the internet for sweet little decorations and Valentines from years past. I have a  few printed out and put up in the house. Some from the Victorian Era and some from the 1940s.


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