Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I had an ultrasound appointment today in Burbank. The medical center is right across Buena Vista Street from Disney studios. I snapped this while waiting for a red light. It's a true spot of happiness. I'm a big Disney history fan & I'm all about historical buildings. It's a fantastic blend of both.

There Is a state of the art cancer treatment center at the hospital, The Roy & Patricia Disney Cancer Center. The upper floors appeared to have a nice view of the studios. I'd like to think that the little Hidden Mickeys in the wrought iron gates help some of the patients. They certainly boosted my spirits in my moment of medical mystery.
I don't want to seem glib at all, I realize the severity of cancer. The complete despair & powerlessness. I just realize that for me, it's the little things. My hope is that for some of those patients, especially the younger ones, that they would find a little glimmer of joy in the Mouse.

To read about the cancer center, go here:

Pardon my typing. This is my first entry on my iPad. :)


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