Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Happenings.

Halloween is suppose to be weird, right? You get to be a person/thing/character that you never would be in real life. You can buy the pieces and the parts that you want- and create who you want to be for a night. 
I will say that I have a mad lady crush on Gemma Telle-Morrow (Katey Segal) from Sons of Anarchy. Gemma doesn't mess around, she schemes, she protects her family and as of late she messes up royally as the Queen of Charming. When I opted to dress as Gemma last night, I didn't think that I'd been living up to my new "mantra" of "What Would Gemma Do?" 

We were excited to trick or treat with the Fritz family in South Pasadena. El Molino Street between California and Glenarm is the perfect street for going door to door asking for candy. There is a reason that John Carpenter utilized these streets for Halloween. Cameron was on his way while Casey, Emily, the kids and I started out. We decided to cross the street at a weird bend in the road. As I'm trailing the kids and hurrying them across the street, I see a BMW bearing down on us. Fast. She has to be going 45 MPH. At least. It got close. I sort of shoved the kids near me forward as she slowed. I can't tell you how close she was to them. 
Mama Bear came out. 
I started screaming at her. I ran up and maybe kicked her car... I think. I was in a Hulk rage.
Miraculously I minded my tongue and dropped no "F" bombs. I circled the car to the passenger side. I continued to yell things about "This is Halloween. There are trick or treaters. What are you thinking." 
I smacked the side of her BMW- and looked her in the eye. 
I think I scared her.
Here's what I looked like:

Excuse my filthy mirror. I'll get a prospect to take care of it.

Boob tattoos mean business.

The Queen of Charming had arrived in South Pas and she was taking no prisoners.
After my tirade, I realized that my kids, the Fritz children and my friends were looking at me. There was also a lady walking down the drive way to give the kids candy. 
The first words out of my mouth were
"Pardon my rage."
She was okay with it. She said people drove like idiots all the time on that corner.
She gave each kid extra candy.
While she was doing that stupid BMW lady pulled around and tried to yell out the window at me.
I stared at her and gave her "the evil eye" and the "I am watching you" signal.
She drove off. Slowly.
Screw you lady and your entitled way of driving.
Especially on Halloween.

After the adrenaline died down- I had to say sorry to the Fritz family.
                    How embarrassing. I'm surprised they didn't pack up Vi & Mo then and there.
Thankfully they did not find this newly revelead side of me to be horrific and continued our happy little haunting of South Pas. Cameron showed up soon after, quickly  transformed into another member of SAMCRO and we partied hard- until 8:30.  

No one comes to a family Halloween blog to read about Moms loosing their minds on Halloween, they come to look at pictures of cute kids in costumes and high on candy.
Here they are. 

My Mom made their costumes. Classic Batman and Cinderella.

Not excited at all.


Josiah doing a "serious" Batman face. I don't know why this is serious.

Super Cinderella. 

These shoes. She has blisters so bad today.

"You trick or treat like a younger man, with nothing held back. Admirable but mistaken."- Bane 

Don't you just hear Hans Zimmerman music?

They are out of here.


"Why so sleepy?"- The Joker

Marvel v. DC

Princess Cat and Princess.

You try getting a good pic of four excited children.

Vi was totally sold on this whole Trick or Treat thing.


Cameron stands in the blur or Halloween revelers.

Mae being Mae decided to sit out on the last bit of  Trick or Treating.
She had on heels that gave her blisters.
She plopped in the Fritz's wagon.
Casey became her chauffer. 

Father of the Bride house. 

We had dinner together at Mama's.

These two.


I know it's not a pic of the kids, but c'mon. This is my favorite pic of the night. 
Cameron as Opie complete with gold skull ring.

Cameron and I put the kids to bed and watched The Shining and had some wine.
It was a very nice ending to a swell Halloween. 

At around 2:00 AM I was woken up by people's voices and loud booms. I thought it was just the regular level of Halloween stupidity in our neighborhood.
Earl started to act funny. Not unlike a dog before an earthquake.
That made me get out of bed. 

A house across the street from us was on fire. The trees in front of it were burning.
Our entire street is lined with old trees, the fire could have easily spread. The fire department came quickly and there were tons of police officers. The fire fighters had the blaze out within 20 minutes. Sadly two men perished in the fire, one is in critical condition. There were 19 others who escaped the explosion and blaze with the clothes on their backs. The house was a sort of half-way home for older men who were trying to get their lives back together. Around 5:30 I saw the Red Cross handing out blankets and getting people boarded on a bus. 
There have been law enforcement officials, reporters and even the state fire marshall swarming our street all day. Most of our block is taped off. 
The good news is that no other house nearby was damaged.
Praying that they figure out what happened and that the men affected can get back on their feet.

See what I mean by Halloween being weird?

P.S. To continue in the vein of me embracing the lifestyle of my costume, I have to share this:
Around 10:30 a detective came to the door for a witness statement. Something I've never done before. If you watch SoA at all, you know that members of the M/C are constantly being questioned or pursued by law enforcement.
I realized while speaking to him that I was wearing the same lace camisole I had on last night. My mascara was smudged & I still had on my fake tattoos. To complete the biker chick look- I have a lovely hickey on my neck. Whoops.
Is this about the RICO case against the Irish, officer?
Next year I'm going as a Princess.


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You had a seriously weird day yesterday. Glad they got the fire out quickly, but so scary/sad. :( Also, I get he mama bear thing. You're not a wacko. Unless we both are, along with most moms I know. No worries!

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