Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It was a graveyard smash!

The Brewers spent this very spooky weekend doing all sorts of ghoulish things. We made fiendish cupcakes, haunted a Halloween store, found friends among ghosties and goblins at not one, but two parties. We even took a quick trip to the Twilight Zone.

While on the long journey of finding a slouchy beanie that would Cameron, Mae found one for herself.
We made cupcakes to eat while we watched
Bride of Frankenstein.

My husband decides to read Walking Dead comics to our son.

The creepiest event of the weekend? A dog costume show.
My boxer failed to bring any pride or goodie bags to our family.

This sweet Boxer baby won the gold. Yes, that's her real tongue.
Yes, she is dressed as Gene Simmons.

Cameron finds a little something for those home invasions he's into these days.

Mae knows how to work it.
(She was dressed as a cat for the animal costume  contest.)

Josiah goes for the "Baby Jax Teller" look at the Harley Store.

Alright- so for maybe 5 or 6 years Cameron has wanted a bike.
I was not on board. It scared me. Then maybe 1 or 2 years ago, I decided it might be a good idea.
We didn't really talk about it for awhile. Now with Cameron working closer we've decided it might be a good time.
We went to a Harley dealership on Saturday & he started his hunt for bikes.
He's going to motorcycle school next month.
Does this make me his old lady?

We had In-N-Out. 

Party 1: Iron Man & a "Fashionista".

Fun fact: I purchased a wallet chain and belt buckle at Spencer's Gifts.
But I think it was worth it.
I have not been in a Spencer's Gifts since I was probably 12.
I will not be going back to one until I am 40.
Oh- we finally found a slouchy beanie big enough for Cameron's head.

Once we were at the cutest Bungalow in Echo Park for the Craighead's Pumpkin Party,
we met the fierce warrior crocodile- CANDI!

She loved the kids. The kids loved her. It was a pretty sweet deal.

Merida was there- she was super BRAVE.

See what I mean? Party buddies.

The view from the Craighead's street. We even drove down  historic Carroll Avenue.
We love discovering new parts of LA.

Gemma! I was going to be Elaine Benes for Halloween Party 2  (I had my little kick dance ready).
Then I had the glorious idea to be Gemma Teller-Morrow from Sons of Anarchy.
Surprisingly I had everything I needed to look like Clay's old lady. I had another member of SAMCRO to take me to the Sohl's party though...

Mae, Journey and Josiah played hard all night long.
they were quite taken with vintage looking wind up toys that Emily had.

Mickey and Opie- what would these two have to chat about?

Potato chip party under the table.

Emily was homemaker Minnie. 

Here we are. I'm still huge apparently. But hot dang. I enjoy
this look on my husband. Quick! Let's buy that bike.

Yesterday we went to Disneyland with Emily.
We drug Josiah onto ToT. Totally worth it.

The Brewer family is stoked that Cameron's best bud married an awesome woman.
We are so thrilled that Emily is in our lives now! 
There you have it- all the happy haunts materialized this weekend and we had a blast. Can't wait for Halloween tomorrow. We're trick or treating with the Fritz family in South Pas. I'll be sure to get pictures up ASAP. 


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