Monday, November 12, 2012

Oodles of Doodles.

Besides Reality being a wonderful place full of Jesus-loving and people-loving friends, it's a place chalk-full of talent. I am constantly blown away by the people I meet who do everything from photography to band manage to acting to nursing school to animating. I love asking folks at Reality what they do. It's always an adventure. 
Last night we had our friends Pip and Beckee over for dinner and drawing. Pip is a fantastic artist. He often draws sweet little coloring pages for our Reality Kid's Ministry and animated (with the development talents of Cory James) our church's page for Ruth. I knew when we painted the kid's room that I really, really wanted some original drawings on their walls. I asked way back in July, but then it was a gazillion degrees (that's a scientific fact) and we weren't about to invite people over to swelter in the heat. We attended a Pumpkin Party at the Craighead's awesome Echo Park bungalow, and we finally made a dinner date at our place! 

After a gluten-free dinner and cheap wine, we headed into the kid's room. The kids quickly gave suggestions for animals that they wanted up on their walls (turtles and owls naturally). It was sweet to watch Beckee suggest doodles or "signature doodles" for her hubby to draw. I could tell that they really enjoy just being together and being creative. Oh- speaking of cool talented people, Beckee is a costumer & stylist- she even had worked with Tiffani before. Small world. She also has a vintage resell business called William and Penny

We indulged in fun conversation, coffee and gluten-free macaroons.

Here's a few pictures of the kid's room.
Mae models, Pip draws, Tiff & Beckee talk union work.

Mae with her fox, milk and a few new friends.

Josiah does goofy near his new turtle pal.

I am so totally sold on this room. 

Cameron checks everything out.
(you had to wear a beanie to dinner last night if you were a dude)

Trashcan Man may be my favorite.

Rockets and fruit.

A verse about King Josiah for my Josiah.

Jesus says! 

Above their closet. Dinos, elephants, pizzas and burgers.
(Sorry for the crazy lady in the Pink Floyd shirt.)

We are thankful for friends and dinner parties and macaroons! God is good.


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