Monday, October 1, 2012

The circus came to town.

Jeremy and Emily are married! They did it in style, too. They were married under an ancient oak tree while sheep wandered the hills behind them. It was idyllic. 

The wedding was held at Highland Springs Resort. The setting was just the beginning. You would not believe the detail and perfect decor at this wedding. There were literally thousands of pinwheels- all over the place. Did I mention they were handmade? The kids were occupied by ring toss, bean bags, puppets, checkers and the candy bar. The minister, Troy stood on a ringmaster's "stand". That Jeremy made. Oh, yeah. Jeremy made a "center ring" for the dance floor, the games, the ticket booth and the stage the two sat on during the reception. No kidding. 
The pinacle of DIY-wedding.

The ceremony was so sweet. I found the Best Man to be especially charming. The bride walked down the aisle to a little ditty that's sweet to my ears. They walked back up the aisle to it too. Then were introduced as husband and wife to the original version at the reception. I approved of this music selection.

I really wish that my sad phone pictures did this wedding an ounce of justice. I can't wait to see the real pictures. 

Best friends for over 15 years. While they were taking pictures,  Jeremy's dad told me that
he had always thought of Cameron as his other son. He was so glad they were still friends.

Josiah was bummed he was not in the wedding party.
He's a little romantic, but also a little dramatic.

I was privy to the grooms men's picture taking. It was fun.
This picture amuses me.

Josiah had a brand new haircut and bow tie for the event.

Can you say kid heaven?

Mae and Journey rave on the dance floor with their glow
sticks. BTW- my daughter wore a tutu with gold lame pants, matching bow and combat boots.
Take that fashion.

This is only one side of the circus. It was seriously incredible.

My handsome husband gave a sentimental and funny speech.
He was followed by Emily's sister, Sara. Her speech had references to Moulin Rouge,
The Get Up Kids and Foo Fighters. Did I mention it was awesome?

My in-laws took the kids after a bit and Cameron and I were able to cut loose. We danced the night away. This is not something Cameron has really done before. There was even a goofy dance move named "The Cameron" by the end of the night. My favorite moment on the dance floor had to be when All My Life started playing, Emily and I headed to the dance floor (no one else was out there) and we rocked out- maybe singing the "dirty" lyrics to each other.
Jeremy married an awesome girl. 

This wedding was truly a celebration of two people who love each other. The start of a marriage should be a party. We should have more fun than usual, we should imbibe, eat  In-N-Out & cheesecake (dang, that was good), clap, hoot and holler. We should dance goofily with our spouse, take stupid pictures, dance to dirty Foo Fighters' songs and we should most definitely know that God blessed Emily and Jeremy with each other.

Brangelina ain't got nothin' on us.


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