Monday, October 8, 2012


Yes, this blog is on wedding overload lately. 

My soon to be wed brother, Aaron came to visit. 
He brought his lovely fiance, Ashley with him, of course. 
Aaron and Ashley stopped in Pas-town for a hot dog at Dog Haus. I didn't tell the kids they were coming, so Josiah and Mae were really, really excited.
Josiah threw both toys he was holding and yelled

Yes, I actually cloned my brother and named him Josiah.

We drove out to Yucaipa the next day for a very important wedding planning step- the initial dress try on! Even if you don't find your exact dress, you know which direction to start moving in.

Ashley sorts through the many, many dresses.

I would have died to have this opportunity at four. Not only did she get to
help find a dress for Ashley, she got to try on flower girl dresses.

This one isn't on the table anymore so I'll post a pic of it.
Event the ones she didn't like looked amazing on her.

Mae looks scrumptious in a flower girl dress.

Another try-on that didn't work out. Still beautiful.

There you have it.
You'll have to wait to see what dress she ends up in- that's going to happen in July.

Hopefully it looks something like this:


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