Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rock and Roll Easter!

Easter happened. Really, honestly it did. I have pictures to prove it! We spent our first Easter "alone". Meaning we stayed home instead of visiting family. It was a bummer, but a necessary move. We were volunteering at the Easter service and if we had gone to visit would have spent quite a bit of Easter on the road. We opted instead to party for Jesus in our own way. 
Here's a few pictures in no particular order.

Growing up, my family (Uncles & older male cousins mostly) had a tradition. After all the kids found the eggs, the men would toss them in the air and attempt to catch them. In their mouths.
Here Josiah keeps that tradition alive.

Josiah loves eggs.

The kids got butterfly nets in their Easter baskets. Bless you Target Dollar Spot.

Squishy face!

Another squishy face!

Mae's dress is from Nordstrom Rack. It's purple and gray seersucker.
Her hair piece & shoes are Old Navy. Gloves & purse by Target. 

They are a little goofy.

A nice pic of Mae's Easter shoes.
We both zeroed in on these & knew she had to have them!

Josiah concentrates on making a Hulk egg the night before.

We used whisks to dip the eggs. I say they were a success- we only lost one egg! 

Mae shows off her neck face dying technique. Earl doesn't care.

Cameron made a concerned looking egg.

Easter morning! Josiah holds Thor who arrived from avenging the planet to his Easter basket.
(Total steal at Target! $25 for $6!)

Mae found a Tangled Princess in her basket.

Josiah may have snuck a piece of chocolate...

Seriously. My kid is this cute.

She posed this way herself. The gloves are too much.

Josiah was not a fan of the bright sun. His shirt is also from Nordstrom Rack, shoes from Target. 

Here are all three Brewer children. Earl was bribed with a peep.

Where I started my Easter service. Directing crowds to the entrance for our service at The Gibson.
I also directed more than one foreign tourist to the ticket booth of Universal Studios.
Everyone trusts you when you're wearing a badge with a lanyard. 

Mae & Yeva party it up in The Gibson. 

Josiah hangs out near some guitars.
Sadly, Zakk Wylde did not attend  the Easter service.

Easter friends! Violet's boots are awesome. I also have to say that my children aren't that small, it's just that the Fritz family has giant (and cute!) kids. :)

Baptisms. As we started, the Water World show started shooting fireworks & flames. It was pretty epic.

Heading home after a fun service. 

Some-bunny was tired.

Here's the place settings I used. My Grandma Hazel's china, my 20's silverware & carnival glass goblets.


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