Monday, March 12, 2012

Ye Olde Zoo

There are places that everyone visits in Los Angeles. Think Pink's Hot Dogs or Hollywood & Highland. Then there are places that some people know about in Los Angeles (that's still TONS of people). They are wonderful places that make you feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy about the City of Angels. 
We finally got around to visiting one of these spots.

The old zoo at Griffith Park. 
Most of the structures & cages were built in the 1930's. The zoo was emptied in 1960 and all animal residents were moved to the new facilities up the road. 
The 'old zoo' is another free weekend activity that the Brewers couldn't pass up.
Here are pictures of our wild time there.

1. The big animal cages. You may recognize these from Anchorman, Eraser, CSI: New York. It's even the infamous Pawnee Zoo from Parks and Recreation. 
2. The kids were sold on this place immediately. Better than any jungle gym.
3. Mae & Cameron inspect years of "art" inside of an abandon building. I was surprised by how clean everything was. 
4. Josiah gives an impassioned speech on the stupidity of spray painting dumb things on walls. I have no idea where this came from.
5. Mae hangs from a cage.
6. Josiah & Mae explore. Some of the graffiti was actually art. 
7. Cameron plays monkey with Mae & Earl.
8. Mae is the dog boss. Did I mention that Earl was in dog heaven? Can you imagine the things he could smell up there? He was super proud of himself for peeing in an old cage.
9. Cameron on top of some cages.

We spent the bulk of Sunday at church. We had a meeting after service and then Cameron had to do tear down. Mae & Josiah were awesome during the meeting. Josiah even made a video of the meeting. It involves scripture and a car wreck
Josiah is not thrilled about the meeting. Saturday morning wake up.
Cameron reading about the last supper. Mae liked the meeting.

I can't forget to mention that we spent Friday evening with our friends, The Fritz family! They have a 5 year old boy & a 3 year old girl. It works out nicely! We had a blast. I forgot to take pictures. Whoops. It was still a nice time of carne asada and Casey & Cameron coming up with a plan for their new band.

We had a great weekend and we're so glad to live in this area & be a part of Reality LA.


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