Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Be better than the GAP*

Cam took this lovely pic of me outside the Largo.
He attempted to blur out the Nude Show Girls sign.
♥ LA.

Some of you might know that for my "Magical Birthday" (I turned 28 on March 28th), Cameron used money from a freelance project and gave me gift cards to buy clothes. Don't get too jelly ladies. I know I snagged a good one.This was totally his idea. 
 His parents took the kids for about 24 hours & we went shopping. 
I decided on The Americana at Glendale and we dove in. 
We got there around 10:30 AM. We left around 5:00 PM. 
Here's a few of the highlights that I bought/was treated to because of my birthday.
Oh and I still have $40 left on my card. ;)
He also bought tickets to see Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) at the Largo. That will be a blog for another day. There's a few pics of that in here too.

I dream of the 90's. I had to have a pair of combat boots.

I got gels in Tangerine. I love them! My eyebrows were waxed & I'm wearing my new lip stain by Stila.

My favorite of all my purchases: Free People lace dress.
I'm wearing my denim jacket from H&M over it.
This dress makes me feel giddy. 

I bought two Dodgers shirts. This is us celebrating the new season & era for LA Doyers! ;)

A button up tank top from H&M and a long skirt from Urban Outfitters.  Bracelets from Forever 21

I'm trying to show off my blue tipped hair.
Tiffani has once again made me feel cool.  

Here's a more awkward picture of me to show you
what my hair looks like.

Cameron listening to the William Shatner records while waiting at the Largo. 

A few more pieces from my shopping. Skirt & blouse from H&M. I love the pooch on this skirt.
I know I shouldn't, but it makes me look smaller believe it or not.
Purse is from Forever 21. It's for Disneyland trips! Small and cross-body.
RDJ thinks it looks awesome.

Here's a run down of what I bought, where (If you even care!)

Denim jacket
black blazer
black button up tank top
black and white striped tank
(I even got $10 in gift cards back & used them on my next trip to H&M where I got):
Floral skirt
white button up tank top
peach sun dress

Urban Outfitters
Long black organza skirt

Forever 21

Free People
Lace Dress!!
Yellow & cream skirt


(Do you know how hard it is to find a slip!?!)

Victoria's Secret
Dodgers Shirt
Dodgers Tank Top
Dodger blue undies
(My rewards cards from other deals on top of birthday goodies sent
 by VS got me the undies for free & the tops for about $10-$15 each!)

Cathy Jean
Combat Boots

Lip stain
free moisturizer
free lip moisturizer 

*If you don't know the line "Be better than the GAP." Click the picture.


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