Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hey girl, you're still my lady when you're convulsing on the floor.

Well then.
I guess I'll start with this:
I had a seizure. 
The doctor I saw today thinks it was most likely due to medication I was on. I've never had anything like that before & I pray I don't again.
Here's how it went down:
I went to bed after getting home from my in-law's house. Cameron was out watching TV. He heard a sound in our bedroom and assumed it was the cats being cats because they need Kitten Mittons (you need to watch this video, trust me). After he continued to hear the noise for about 5 minutes, he came in to inspect. I was apparently convulsing on the ground and not responding. He called 911 & they instructed him to put me on my side. I stopped convulsing. He put me in bed & an EMT crew showed up. I remember NOTHING up until the EMTs arrived. I woke up to them questioning me & trying to get me to respond. Since I had no clue as to why they were in my home, I felt like I was in trouble for not knowing answers to basic questions.
 I struggled to answer how old I was, what day it was, and my own address. It felt like the answers were just out of my clouded reach. They decided then to take me to the hospital by ambulance. As I was walking out the door (or being supported by two manly men EMTs), I saw my neighbor Richard in the door. He had heard the commotion and came up to see what was going on. He ended up coming upstairs & staying with the kids until my in-laws came to get them. Have I mentioned I have INCREDIBLE neighbors??? Cameron was able to get to Huntington Hospital quickly & stay with me the whole time. At some point here I will write an entire blog post dedicated to our amazing apartment complex.

Once I was in the ambulance they gave me an oxygen mask & all of my answers started coming back. I being the over achiever continued to give answers to questions I had failed to answer previously. You know, while my brain was deprived of oxygen? Yeah, I wasn't failing any test. I knew my address now and I was going to share it, dang it! I even told them what my foot tatto verse was. I'm a little ridiculous.

My parents came down and stayed until I left the hospital. They were both wearing flannel shirts which brought me a strange amount of joy. Cameron's parents also came by. They went and picked up the kids and took them for all of Monday.

Cameron was a total stud through everything. There are moments in your marriage when you have a "heavier" sense of intimacy. Oddly enough, this is the second moment like that in our marriage to occur in a hospital. The first was in the maternity ward. This moment came over me as I realized that he had found me, jumped into action and in every sense, rescued me. He saw me in an incredibly vulnerable position & made good on his vows. That's agape love.

 After a CT Scan, X-ray & getting my blood sugar to a normal level (it was quite low), I was discharged. We got home at 4 AM.

Yesterday I saw a seizure specialist who is sure that it was caused by my medication. I'll have an EEG done soon. He said everything else looks great. Sadly, he has to report me to the DMV since I had a "Momentary lapse of consciousness". I can't drive for 2 months. Not a problem. I don't have a car, y'all! ;) I've also become a pro at public transportation.
It should be lifted as soon as the EEG comes back clear.

 Honestly it just rounds out this weird year. You know that whole idea of grace being sufficient? I learn more about that everyday. Christ doesn't just want me to have the mentality of His power being perfected in weakness, He wants it to be a heart condition.

I'm also holding out for some crazy talent to show up because of the seizure. Intense John Bonham/Dave Grohl drumming skills. Incredible painting skills. An angelic singing voice.

I'll get back to you when I discover my new seizure induced talent... ;)

P.S. Thank you all for your text messages, notes & FB comments. It was fantastic to see an instant prayer chain happen.


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