Monday, December 5, 2011

Tonight I Want to Celebrate with You.

We woke up on Josiah's 5th Birthday to this:
This house was crushed by a tree. Thank God no one was hurt. 

Another view of the same house. I can see this house from our bedroom window.

Major Roadblock in our neighborhood.

The view from Tiffani's bedroom. Our neighbor's car is under the roofing.

The Birthday Boy requested his picture be taken with the destruction.

 Our little complex was minimally hit compared to the rest of the neighborhood. We had power the whole time & our neighbor Joaquin had the whole yard and drive way cleaned up by the afternoon. It was incredible. 
 The Birthday Boy wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese, so we went to Monrovia. We got his Toys R Us present first (make sure you sign your little ones up for Geoffrey's Birthday Club). He chose 2 boxes of Legos & something called Squinkies. I don't know what they are other than really good at getting lost. I also bought them   myself A Muppet Christmas Carol.  
 We, along with many others (schools were closed due to the winds), decided to visit the place where a kid can be a kid. Tiffani joined us (she's pretty much our family member that lives in the apartment next door at this point!). They had a blast. Josiah kept playing a Simpson's game and won quite a few tickets. Being 5 is awesome so far for him.  I'll get up the blog about his Muppet party soon. :)

 Cameron had not ever seen My Morning Jacket. His co-favorite band of all time. He listens to them constantly. They, like the Foo Fighters have been ubiquitous through our relationship. Anyway, he missed seeing them in LA earlier this year and when they announced tour dates again, he snagged LA tickets ASAP. Then he realized they were on December 1st. Our son's birthday. We made sure Josiah had a special day & he spent the evening with Tiffani partying down. We aren't bad parents for seeing a band on our son's birthday, okay?? It was late in the evening and right before his bedtime when we left. So there.

We saw My Morning Jacket! They were incredible despite technical difficulties. I think it only highlighted Jim James' talent and ability to adapt. We had the best seats, almost to the pit, but high enough above it that I could see over people. I don't typically go to shows where I want to just cut lose and dance, but I did. I just wanted to "groove". A very hippy-dippy part of me turned on and I, um, tuned out (without the chemical aid of course). Cameron was a happy camper. I think him and Jim James are bearded/shy dude soul mates. That's just my opinion though. Here's a few pics:
We like music & each other.

Check out my cute dress that Cam picked out for me.

Jim James. In a cape. Dude wears a cape well.

Like a kid in Disneyland.


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