Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

Josiah's 5th B-day is fast approaching! As with all previous birthdays, I get sentimental and start looking at pics. I did a post of my fav pics of Mae for her birthday so here are some of Josiah. What a stud. 

First Haircut. It was hard to do, but needed to be done.

He loves painting. 

Grumpy Face.

Guncle & Siah on vacation.

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Earl stealing Josiah's pants.

Josiah loves dressing up and dressing himself.

In this picture he is holding a Baby Jesus ornament & rocking him to sleep.

Disneyland fireworks.

Easter 2010.

At an Angel's game.

Best Buddies

I love this because it's Adam, Micah's Dad. The relationship between our families is so sweet.  

Matching Cut-off shirts.

This would be Andy swinging Josiah around in the nude.

My Mom made him a Tony Stark "Heart".

Josiah got to be in the parade!

Josiah was thrilled to meet his baby cousin, Micah.


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