Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who is that?!?!

Josiah asked to watch our wedding video earlier today. During the montage of all of us walking down the aisle, Mae asked quite blatantly: 

Who was she pointing to you might ask? 
Her own father.
She had no clue it was Cameron. This might as well have been some short-haired (heavily "banged"  mind you) stranger that her mother is marrying in the video. 
This gave me a good laugh and I had to share a couple of comparison pics. :)

Waiting in line for Conan. Feb. 2011.
Getting our marriage on. October 2005. 

Central Park on our Honeymoon. 
She & Him Concert. 2010.

Engagement pics. June 2005.

Date night. July 2011.


Bonni said...

Haha, I love Mae's confusion at what is obvious to us adults! Sure, Cameron looks *way* different without a beard ... but why would you have a wedding video of you with someone else? ;-)

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