Monday, June 20, 2011

Whooo goes there?

I'm not sure how it snuck up on me so fast, but I've *officially* started planning Mae's 3rd birthday! It seems like just yesterday that I was planning her 1st Birthday party, a "Little Mermaid" water party at our old house in Corona. We had water balloons (graciously filled by none other than a newly married Bonnie Rojas), a kiddie pool and water guns. Cameron and I had something even more fun: the flu. Cameron spent half of Mae's party on the floor of our bathroom. I threw up a few times and had to still play hostess. Thank God for my parents and cousins Summer & Renee who took over certain duties from me. That was the worst I've ever felt with a flu. The party was still a success and a perfect 1st Birthday for a girlie-girl.
 Her 2nd Birthday was "Frontier/Cowgirl" themed. I pulled inspiration from classic Disney films like "Davey Crockett" and vintage ride posters for Frontier land. Click here to see a few classic Disney posters. We have three hanging on our living room wall. I also worked Jesse the Cowgirl from Toy Story fame in there as well. I have to say that it was really cute. Plus, neither my husband or I were barfing, so I say that's a major plus!

This year Mae has been in love with anything that involves owls. She even has an imaginary owl that sits on her finger. ;) So we've decided on an owl birthday. I can already see it: Guess whooo is turning 3?
I've found a few wonderful little inspiration sites and can't wait to really get stuff made. Seriously. How do I have a three year old who is my YOUNGEST? Time flies.


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