Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We finally made it to small group. Three weeks after finding it and trying to get out the door, we made it. In those three weeks both kids got sick and last Tuesday was our accident.
The small group meets at the home of Cory & Lena James. They have a darling little place in Los Feliz. Cory is the media coordinator at our church & his wife stays home with their amazingly adorable daughter, Yeva. The group is pretty big but seems intimate. There are four families with children including us. This works out well, the Moms take a turn once a month watching the kids. Cameron and Cory ended up talking shop for a bit & Lena and I talked kids & being a Mom. It was really, really nice.
We are studying the Gospel of Mark and I'm pretty stoked to learn more about this story of Jesus.

Looking forward to putting down more roots, making more friends and loving Jesus out here. :)

The kid's playing at Yeva's kiddie table. They are totally sold on the group!


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