Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer shopping.

I went shopping for Mae yesterday. I really would like to tone down the "Princess" & bright colors that she has a ton of. I am really liking the neutral & grey palettes that I've seen in a few children's clothing lines. I also wanted a few primary colors thrown in, mostly green, blue & yellow.  Maybe it's the effect of living in an area with severely hip kids. I see kids at church that have more fashion sense in their pinkie fingers than I'll ever have.
 I bought a Groupon last week, it was $10 for a $20 Old Navy gift card. Between that wonderful little deal and all the sales this weekend, I was able to snag quite a few cute little outfits.

I tried to stick to what Tiffani told me about shopping for a wardrobe: buy the basics & buy them in multiples. Obviously she knows what she's talking about so I listened and grabbed the following items:

I got this darling little tunic at Crazy 8 for $6. It was originally marked around $15.

Cute little skirt in green.

These were in the sale bin at Crazy 8 and they were marked down to $2.99 & when you buy two the second is 50% off.

I couldn't find pics of the colors I bought, but I got 2 of these t's, one in white and one in navy & white stripes.

I got a clearance tank for $2.50 in yellow.

These are my favorite! They were on sale and I grabbed her two pairs, one in pink (she had to have something pink!) & one in denim. They are so stinkin' cute! High waisted & adorable!

I only paid $11 for all the Old Navy swag & about $16 for Crazy 8. I'll have to look at my receipt for my total discount, but I think the Old Navy would have come to about $50.

Josiah needed flip flops so we went to the Disney Store (It's hard to swear off Disney characters...) & got flip flops for him with Perry the Platypus on them. They had a deal where one pair of flip flops were $6.50 or you could buy 2 for $6.00. I'll take two please! Mae chose Tiana which are very cute.

Oh, she also managed to look oh-so-LA in her heart glasses we got at Crazy 8 for $3.

I love, love, love deal shopping for clothes. My kids can look as cute as everyone else but for far less! I had a cashier at CVS tell me yesterday that I was "beating the system" after I finished two transactions and got money back. I jokingly told him, "I'm not beating the system, I'm just playing the game." ;)


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