Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day.

Mother's Day. Oh Mother's Day. You were such an awesome day.
It started with serving at church, which I love. The book table is a fantastic place to be in the morning.
Went to service and then got to leave a little early thanks to "The Boss of all the Book Table", Josh. He cut my time short since it was Mom's Day. Thanks!

I had tried to get reservations for The Farm Beverly Hills at The Grove. I've only eaten there once. I had a brie sandwich. Not to get theological on you, but I'm pretty sure this is what Jesus hands you for food when you enter heaven. I couldn't get reservations, but apparently my awesome hubby can walk in and get us a table with no problem. We were seated right away. The kids only had eyes for the silver dollar pancakes. Fine by me, they were $3.00 with a drink. The prices seemed to have jumped a little since the last time we were there. That's okay, I want this little plate called "Ahi tuna three ways".  As the name suggests, it's tuna served three different ways. Here's a description from their menu:

Pepper crusted, crepe wrapped & tartar ahi tuna with baby greens, balsamic dressing and warm ponzu sauce.
I'm a total sucker for seared tuna. Something about that texture. I was thrilled with it. So tasty. Friends, come visit me so I can take you to The Farm. Seriously.

We ventured out to the increasingly busy Grove. I had Anthroplogie money to spend. The secret to Anthro is to scour the sale items. I own a dress, shorts, shirt, jewelry, sweater and now a skirt thanks to deals I found. Yesterday I grabbed a $90 sweater for $10 and a beautiful skirt for $20. I still have some bucks left on my card, too. I will be back for the Memorial Day sales.
DEAL! Never mind the XS size. It's only the sleeves and they stretch out and fit. 
My long sweater. Yes, that's my messy bed with kids on it behind me.

 I took Mae to the American Girl store which is a guilt pleasure for me. I turn into an 8 year old version of myself as soon as I walk through the door. She has a Bitty Baby (Zooey is her name) & I got her a bottle/rattle set for her Bitty Baby. Happy Mother's Day to you Baby doll. ;)

The Grove got CRAZY packed around 2. We stood outside the Apple Store and loved on an amazing Doberman named Rocko. So handsome and sweet. He was still a puppy and so well behaved. The owner was surprised by the kids gentle touch and lack of fear.  The kids went and played on the grass area for awhile. Do yourself a favor and visit The Grove and Farmer's Market. It's just perfection on a Sunday afternoon.
 We picked up a free rose from Concierge & headed back to the car. We ended up in an elevator with two dogs. One a brand new puppy! Sweetness.

We came back home and Cameron popped in "The King's Speech". I fell asleep. Not because it's a bad movie, but because I was tired. It was Mother's Day. Give me a nap. I woke up after the movie was over and because of my incurable Anglophile-ness, I watched the newest episode of Doctor Who.

After awhile I moved into the bedroom and watched Tina Fey host SNL. Pretty stinkin' good. The birthing video was the best.
To end the day, I watched The Fall. A movie starring Lee Pace (SOLD!), set in the 1920s & it's a fantasy. How do you say no?

Mother's Day was so wonderful. A real treat. I'm so thankful to have my kids. They are the only reason I'm a mom... haha. ;)


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Wonderful!! So glad you had such a blessed day!

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