Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bet.

**I put this on my notes on Facebook a few weeks ago and forgot to transfer it here. Enjoy.**

I have to write this before I forget it happened. Last week, the night before I had to go get some unpleasant procedures done at the doctor’s office, Cam & I went to our favorite little pub. My sister had the kids & we seized the opportunity to go on our monthly date. We sat upstairs with only three other couples. We watched the dodger game & looked through LA weekly together. We shared a plate of fish & chips. We were buzzing about the new Foo album. About 3/4 of the way through our meal, a guy from a few tables away approached us. “Can you help my girlfriend & I settle a bet?” We were surprised but laughed and said, “Sure! What’s the bet?” “Well, you guys are married, right?” “Yes.” I flash my band. “We were trying to guess how long you’ve been married.” “First you have to tell us your guess.” I smiled. “My guess is 2 years or less. Are we close?” At this point I looked at Cameron & grinned. “We’ve been married for 5 1/2 years.” The guy flew backwards, somewhat awestruck, looking at his girlfriend. “We were so off! You guys look so happy & you are still touching each other & talking!” I quickly threw in; “We also have two kids.” He then proceeded to point, mouth agape, at my husband. “You look like a rock star, not a dad! You have the hair & beard!” We all started cracking up. As he was going back to sit down, he told us “You don’t see couples like you guys. I’m impressed. Well done. Good luck!”
I think this little pub bet between a girlfriend & boyfriend was a really sweet moment. As far as our relationship goes, we needed that. It’s been tough with all my medical garbage stuff. There’s a reason “in sickness” is mentioned in vows. It takes a toll on a marriage. Cam & I promised to be faithful & honest & loving through all of that. God is good. Only with him in the middle of our marriage does it make sense. We can’t take any compliments without saying that it’s because of Jesus. Oh, and “Everlong”. None of this would have gone down without that little diddy. ;)


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