Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day with Team Coco

We saw CONAN yesterday! Here are a few highlights:

1. We saw comedian Brian Posehn in the parking garage. Check out his picture and you'll know why we spotted him so easily.
2. We got to walk all over the Warner Brother's studio back lot. Granted it was in a single file line while the WB pages directed you, but still, I got to walk around the lot.
3. We saw some of the Vampires from True Blood. They were in robes eating at the craft services table.
4. We had great seats.
5. I know that I'm a geek and that's never been more obvious than when Conan introduced Mr. WILLIAM SHATNER! I almost came out of my seat. Capt. James T. Kirk was there!! He read the lyrics to "Umbrella".
6. Jack McBreyer, aka Kenneth the Page stopped by too. LOVE!
7. I lived out the dream of several 12 year old girls. I saw Justin Bieber.
8. Conan mixing alcholic beverages.
9. Conan sings a song after the show that you don't see on TV. I was quite thrilled to hear him sing.
10. While leaving the studio we saw none other than Mr.  Ernie Hudson! If you don't know who he is, click here.

Gah! I forgot one!
While leaving the building I spotted Pierre Bernard. Not familiar? He's Conan's designer. You'll remember him from the sketches on Late Night. I was excited to see him and wished him Happy Valentine's Day and he returned the sentiment. Very sweet guy.

You can watch the episode here. You can see us behind the guy that Conan calls out in the audience. I have a huge mouth.


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