Thursday, February 24, 2011

One of the best "Love Letters" I was never sent.

In all the frustration of the medical "stuff" (I use that euphemistically because I really shouldn't write the other word that I'm thinking), I have a rock solid husband.  He wrote a letter to our Doctor to ask what we needed to do next. I'm quite sure he never meant for it to be a romantic gesture, he was just "CCing" me. When I read the letter, I cried. It was the best love letter I was never sent.
Here are the best parts:

Dear Dr. Lloyd,
I am Leigh Brewer's husband, Cameron Brewer, we met a couple weeks ago. I'm concerned for Leigh, she's not getting any better and I'm at loss for what to do for her other than what I already have been doing. She's been hurting for over 3 months now with the same pains that are persisting currently. There hasn't been really any good days for her, she's pretty much always in pain. And at times the pain is debilitating where she is down half or most of the day.
 Do you know what our next steps should be? Leigh respects your advice and your ear to listen well. The reason why I am contacting you: I respect anyone that my wife respects and just need to get her some more help. I understand that there has been a couple CAT scans, an ultrasound, blood work, urine tests and probably couple other things I may be leaving out. Are there other things we can proceed too, in hope of pinpointing this problem down? Should I schedule a neurologist appointment? I also understand you are a Jesus loving man from what my wife has told me. I can't tell you what a relief it is to hear that my wife and I have you, like Paul had Luke. Thanks for being the doctor that's rebuilding my Love's health.
Cameron Brewer

Pretty good, right? There are little moments in our marriage where I realize how much I need Cameron. It's an incredibly intimate moment that breaks my heart open and makes me feel a love that only Jesus could give me to give to him. I remember after I had Mae that I was getting up to take my first shower (2 days after having her). I had to get in the shower & remove the bandage on my c-section incision. Fun, right? Well, I wasn't really able to. Here comes Cameron, he gets down on his knees and undoes the bandage. Slowly, lovingly and thoughtfully. Right there. Staring into the bloody gash that was only a couple days old. I even had staples in me. At my most unlovely, I was still his love. 

Ladies, if you're single, don't settle. Wait for a man like Cameron. I promise you that it's worth every little moment you wait. Dudes, if you're single, take note! 


Brenda said...

Sweet post, sweet husband. I'm sorry you haven't been properly diagnosed. Cameron's letter brought tears to my eyes.

good+hardy said...

Aw, that is lovely! I am also often astounded to realize how much I need my husband. Good men are out there!

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