Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What January looked like 2 years ago.

Time flies and my kids are proof. Here are a couple of shots from January 22nd, 2009.

Couldn't you just die? I mean look at that chubby little bald baby and that mischievous 2 year old!

 I'll throw one of Baby Earl in there, too. Look at that puppy face! 

Moral of the story: Enjoy your kids at every age. They'll be grown in the blink of an eye. No joke.


goodandhardy said...

Look at you Leigh, you have more posts this month than I'm likely to have all year! Very cute blog & very cute kiddos. And dog. Your life is just super cute. :)

The Brewer Family said...

Thanks, Jess! I'm seriously blessed by all this cuteness.
Your blog is sweet & cute, too. You inspired me to get a cute blog together, actually! :)

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