Thursday, January 27, 2011

Josiah's First T-Ball Practice

We have been driving by a Little League Sign up banner on Fair Oaks ever since we moved here. Cameron noticed. I didn't. Cameron has been waiting since Josiah was born to stick him in Little League. Now, Cameron's not some competive, sports-crazy father. Cameron is however, a big fan of how much fun he had in Little League. He wants to pass that down to our son. 
We headed down to a  nice little park on Fair Oaks and signed Josiah up. Everyone was really nice and it was fun to meet more people that live in Pasadena. 
We didn't  know, but they had a little practice that night. Josiah ran, did jumping jacks (which were hilarious) & I cried a little knowing that my kids are getting big. 
I tried to get some decent shots, but that's hard when it's dark, I only have my phone camera (I would have grabbed our real one had I known about practice) and my subject is moving at lightening speed.

Getting warmed up with Coach Lucky.
P.S. Mae kept getting in line and getting involved. She'd also correct her brother if he got out of line. 

These pictures of Daddy & Siah man are sweet. I could tell that Cameron's in his "Dad-element" here. He's been waiting for this. 
P.S. Josiah and the little boy in the maroon hoody, Henry, were buddies by the end of the night. 

So, come on down and see our future Dodger on a Saturday at a t-ball game.


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