Monday, January 24, 2011

A few things I'm keen on lately.

I know this blog is "family and kid themed", however I thought it would be fun to share with my readers (all 3 of you!) a few items that have been tickling my fancy lately.

1. La Croix sparkling water: With all the water I've been drinking, it's nice to change it up a little and drink some sparkling water. This stuff is great. It goes on sale at Target often and there's always a coupon for it making it only $1.25 a six pack.
2. Design*Sponge is an incredible website. I could spend all day looking at their design ideas and inspirations for everything from clothes to decorating your pad according to your favorite movie.
3. My new purse from Target clearance. It's a satchel. It's small and I love it. Indiana Jones had one.
4. Mumford & Sons: I started listening to these guys while working on my family history about a month ago. Whether it's alluding to Steinbeck in their music (Timshel, anyone?) or just basically blowing my mind with their beats, they help me clean house & write.

 1. Retro Disney: Josiah & Mae are loving the old cartoons. We've even been watching silent movies in B&W. I love my little Disney fans.
2. This handsome bearded fellow is Charles Spurgeon. The man could write. I've been reading Morning and Evening  for my devotions. The guy will blow your mind for Jesus with every word.
3. The Fabulous Baker Boys: I just watched this movie and despite my hatred for the saxophone (it plays a prevalent role in the soundtrack), really enjoyed this Bridges Brother Bonanza.
4. Parks and Recreation: I've already watched all the episodes, but now they are on Netflix and I'm getting a kick out of them all over again. I love, love, love Andy & the Ron Swanson character seems like a version of my Dad on steroids.


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