Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mae's Secrets...

I often find tea cups in my dresser drawer, dolls in my tupperware cabinet, costume jewelry in my nightstand & purses in my cutlery drawer.
No, I'm not a forgetful house keeper, I just have a "misplacing fairy". She goes by the name of Mae Brewer.
She's not unlike Banksy and street art, we'll just call this "household street art" it upsets the norm but still amuses. Here's an example:
That would be a little purse she got from my in-laws. It's from Mexico and it's often her official purse for when we leave the house. Clearly this purse belongs with the forks, knives and spoons.

Here she is, Banksy style, disguising her face so she  can continue her "household street art" anonymously or as Hello Kitty.


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