Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the kitchen with Josiah

Josiah LOVES to help in the kitchen. No matter the size of prep, including pouring juice for his sister, he wants to be in the middle of it.
Today I wanted to make chicken strips with some chicken I had bought at Henry's on Wednesday. I have cast-iron skillets that I adore. You don't have to use soap, they last forever, and they are better for you than non-stick pans. So, making something fried (which is a rariety in my house, especially lately since I've been trying to lose weight) is super easy and clean up isn't a huge deal. I made the chicken strips with help from Chef Josiah. Obviously I didn't let him touch the chicken, but I let him mix the coating on the chicken strips. He was ver proficient at his job and would ask for a piece of chicken back in the bowl if it wasn't sufficiently covered. 

When I told him that we were using my Grandma Hazel's bowl & tongs, he told me a story of a time we visited my Grandmother in her trailer. His ability to remember things is AMAZING. He also told me that Grandma Hazel was in heaven & was enjoying watching us making chicken strips with her stuff. So sweet. I love that he understands my affection for my Grandmother because he loves his Grandmas. 

The mixing man.

Here's my special little guy* in his Bart Simpson shirt. 

*Marge Simpson calls Bart her "Special Little Guy". It's been my  pet name for Josiah since the day he was born. 


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