Monday, January 31, 2011


   A couple of weeks ago I watched an episode of American Masters about Jeff Bridges. I love having our "old fashioned" TV antenna and waiting for something to come on and having to watch it with commercials, it's so retro. I think I appreciate the show more if I can't pause it or fast forward through it.

    While discussing his life growing up with his actor parents, Dorthy & Lloyd Bridges, he mentioned something his mother would do for each of her children. She had what she called "Time" for each of them, "if you were her child", as Mr. Bridges put it, "she would spend an hour with you doing whatever you wanted". Brilliant I thought! She would dress up, play ball, or read. The child dictated how the hour was spent. This offered up a little challenge to me. A germ of an idea for raising my own children. It reminded me of the sweetness of time spent alone, or doing what I wanted to do with my parents. Being one of four children made one on one time rare and special. I think that I should start with my two and ask what they want to do. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it?

   Mrs. Bridges also gave her children diaries she had kept of their lives up until their 21st birthdays. She would give them all the writings on their birthday. What a treasure! I'm going to head out to Michael's buy two journals for each kid. I'm a big fan of the written word being passed along.
    Being sick has taught me to get down on my kid's level more often. I feel a certain relief when they are here with me, available to snuggle and love. Its a therapy in and of itself. Josiah is a caretaker to the core and he loves to bring me things that he thinks I need (especially Capri Suns, I hate Capri Suns, but he's convinced they will cure my kidney problems). Being trapped at home has also seen me get more creative with time and I recently shared my wedding album with Mae. She poured through it, mentioning more than once that I was a princess (To see myself through her eyes!).  We've also been more likely to print craft projects, watch old cartoons and dig out board games. Josiah and I have also discovered the BBC program (or programme if you're British), Doctor Who.
I know that it's hard work to have little kids, I also know that it's harder work to have teenagers. I'm going to savor this time and hopefully minster to their little hearts by the grace of God so that when they are teenagers, they have a solid place to go to.
Does the idea of "Time" for each child or keeping a book of their growing up appeal to anyone else? I'm excited to let the ink flow and the imaginations run wild. Not only have I learned to abide from the Dude, I've also learned how to be a better mother from the Dude's mother. ;)
Mae went shopping with Cameron and came back with a Little Mermaid swimsuit.
She will not remove it. I think it's fusing with her body.


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