Thursday, December 27, 2012

Josiah's School Recital.

Josiah had a Christmas Recital last week and both kids were dressed up, so I snapped a few pictures before we left.

Okay- this is the moment where Josiah tells Mae he wants a picture by himself.

Mae and her Nutcracker. She's watched the ballet about 10 times since
Christmas season started.

Bow ties are cool.

I don't know when my son became a female Japanese tourist.

My dog is an expert photo bomber. I had to crop him out of most of these.
This one stayed.

Now for the stud muffin pics.

Let me throw in a little sass for you...

A few days before the show at school, Josiah's teacher, Mrs. Alvarez asked if Josiah could 
memorize an introduction for their class. I said yes and Josiah enthusiastically went about this task.
He got to hold a microphone so he was sold.

He memorized it, but still read it off a cue card.

Pleased with himself.

Good grief.

Ham Bone. 
Oh, if I didn't learn from the lessons of Corey Haim, Lindsey Lohan and
other child stars, I would get this kid an agent.

Watching the rest of the classes.

Mae had fun too. :)


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