Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lamaze Breathing. Selah.

Do any of you moms find Lamaze breathing techniques helpful years after giving birth? I have found the breathing method helpful more times than I can count this week.

Cameron broke his hand. His fourth metacarpal in his right hand to be exact. I used lamaze breathing to help him (and myself after watching his fingers bending the wrong way).
After the kids decorated his cast. 

This gives me goosebumps when I look at it.
I employed the handy breathing strategy when Josiah started sounding like a smoker of 30 years in the doctor's office. The kid had something big to hack up. Our doctor, without looking up from writing a prescription for me for my ear infection and sore throat (that I've had for over a week) said, "He shouldn't go to school tomorrow." Alright.
Sick days. Not as great as he had hoped.
Dr. Fernand Lamaze, you are my hero! While I was working out at Pop Physique, I practiced a slow, deep approach. I made it through my work out without feeling like I was going to throw up. I focus on my butt looking more like this. 

Did you know that "cast claustrophobia" is a thing? Neither did I until last night! I came home to Cameron basically having a panic attack about his cast. He was seriously considering removing it himself. Again, more lamaze breathing for everyone involved. If you know my husband, you know he's an incredibly level headed, sweet, quiet dude. For the past 24 hours that has not been the case. He looks like a lost dog that has bad fleas. Poor guy. Pray for him.

Today has been nothing but driving and going and doing...and driving. I took Josiah back to school. I got stuff for dinner at Vons. I came home, cleaned, got Mae ready for the day. We went to Whole Foods to find anti-anxiety supplements and homeopathic remedies for Cameron's anxiety. I went to the juice bar. I needed me some kale juice. I dropped Cameron and Mae off at home, went back to get Josiah (it's his first minimum day for Back to School night). I come home, make lunch, tell Cameron not to dissolve his cast in a bucket of vinegar. I leave for physical therapy. I go to physical therapy where very sore parts of my body are given pressure point treatment. I DID SOME MAJOR LAMAZE BREATHING. I drove home (but missed my on ramp, had to back track through LA traffic). I finish some work for Josiah's teacher. Cameron is dealing with insurance and doctor's office approval. *HEE-HEE-WHO* REPEAT. I finally get the bright idea to ask the doctor's office to give Cameron something for the anxiety. They send a prescription to Target.  Cameron takes Josiah to capoeira and Mae to Target to get his meds. It's quiet.
...then I'm off to Back-to-School night.

Tonight will be a good night to meditate on this wonderful reminder that God gives us:




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