Monday, August 27, 2012

Josiah's First Day of School.

  And he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and walked in all the way of David his father, and he did not turn aside to the right or to the left.

2 Kings 22:2

Here is my special little guy this morning. Looking super fresh and ready to hit the books.
I can't believe this day is here (what every parent everywhere says about every milestone their kid hits). 
Josiah was ready to start Kindergarten this morning after a breakfast of bacon, eggs, bagel & Naked Juice (with oil). We enjoyed our morning- we read out of the Bible, prayed about today & repeatedly "yelled" "Kindergarten- get at me!". 

We were out the door by 7:30.
We were at school around 7:40.
He was officially at his desk by 7:50.
I was drying my tears at as we drove away at 8:00.

Josiah was excited.
So excited that he fell down about five steps as we went to the car this morning. He hurt his pinky, but this did not stop him. He wanted to get to school! 
He looked a little overwhelmed as we walked out the door and he sat at his desk. Maybe realizing the seriousness of Kindergarten. 
Now it's just Mae and I here. 
It's so quiet...
We made a kaleidoscope and I'm about to clean. 

Here's to a new era of parenting. 
Here's to my special little guy who is a total stud in his formal uniform.

Breakfast with Dad & the modeling begins.

Cameron told him he was like Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad.
He liked that.
His lunch box kills me.
Kindergarten Man.


good+hardy said...

Oh he is just too hilarious! And I love the formal uniforms, too. Here's to synchronized comfort blogging (haha) and, more importantly, a great school year for our little men!

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