Monday, July 23, 2012


I took this right before we left last night. It's hard to leave Lone Pine when it looks like this.

Here are a few pictures of our vacation! It was a really nice time in the wilderness. There were many fish caught, rocks climbed and adventures had. These aren't in perfect order, but here are some of my favorite phone pics (I'll put up "real" camera pictures soon). 

My mom representing West Coast rap. 

Our motel sign. 

Outside the Totem Cafe.

The Merry Go Round restaurant sign lit up at night.

For the first time in 20 years of visiting Lone Pine, I really appreciated the old neon signs.

Another first- we visited Jake's Saloon in Lone Pine.
People still smoke in here. 

First visit to the mules and horses.

Daisy Mae & Mae.

Every year my Dad, Randy, Cameron and now Josiah
compete to see who can catch the first fish from Bishop Creek.
A 5 year old with some power bait won this year.

We had  candy cigarettes.

Josiah representing his heritage as a Yucaipian.

My mountain man. 


Cowgirl & fisherwoman.

Waiting for a bite.

It's hard to wait for a fish to bite.

Mae enjoys the quiet.

"This fish tastes like victory." - my 40 year old son.

Oh, yeah just another fish I caught.

Lunch at the cafe.


It was cool enough in the morning to have a fire.
On the porch of the cafe & general store.

Mae shows a mule some love.

Lauren and her horse, Robbie. He was sassy.

Josiah rides Tango to the mine.

Studly steed.

Our guide, Tess leads the way. Josiah takes a moment to pet my horse, Lorenzo.

Cardinal Mine: Once sold for a wagon full of whiskey.

There was a gorgeous rainbow at the top of the trail. 

Mae's turn on Tango.


The biggest fish! 

We loved to swim!

We visited the home of my parent's friend in Lone Pine. This was the view.
There was also really yummy wine and a cute Husky/collie mix.

Attack of the giant bug in Lone Pine! 

Hollywood Glamour in Lone Pine.

Josiah climbing.

Mae's ponies.

Alabama Hills

It's rough to be here.

My Mom belaying my Dad.

Waiting our turns.


Josiah chows down on his organic vegan breakfast before a hike.

Rock rash.


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