Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Give me some rope I'm coming out of my head, into the clear.

Any excuse for a "Hey Girl. Amirite? 

I, Leigh Colleen Brewer, achieved a goal.
I mean, I've done that before, but not an athletic/weight loss goal like this.
I climbed by myself in the Alabama Hills. 
If you want, you can read about this goal and it's background here.

I have proof that I completed a climb.

I claim this rock in the name of the formerly chubby!

That's me! I climbed up there! I will say that it's good to have my Dad belaying me, I have absolute trust in him. I am afraid of heights. I was the girl that would get stuck in a tree or freeze as I was climbing a ladder. 

Before the climb I had pumped myself up listening to Rope by Foo Fighters and Rusty Cage by Soundgarden. 
These two songs work in the motivating my butt department.

This particular climb was located in "The Corridors" in the Alabama Hills. I believe my Mom said the climb was graded at 5.6- honestly, I don't know how grading works for climbs. I started at the base and had to work my way up into a little crevice. In this crevice, my hands found a very loose, very big rock. It was almost enough to spook me into quitting. My dad had to move to a new spot to belay me, for fear of it coming off the rest of the climb. I scrambled up, quickly trying to get away from the loose rock. I did it. I don't know how long it took me to get to the top, but it didn't seem like too long. I didn't think I'd be able to reach the top anchor and tag it. I even managed that. Then I had to turn around, swing around the top of the rock and belay down. As soon as my feet hit the ground, my Dad high-fived me and hugged me. Then I felt like crying. It was overwhelming. I had come here with deep rooted desire to prove everyone wrong- including "Fat Leigh". 
I had done that. In a spectacular place. In front of my parents, husband and kids. 
It wasn't the biggest feat of physical strength, it wasn't the fanciest climb, and it wouldn't have impressed most people. However, it imprinted on me the notion that I was much more than my weight and my preconceived notions of my physical capabilities. It's a shame that it's taken me this long to figure that out. 

Days after my climb, I still have physical signs of my accomplishment. I'm proud of them. My fingers are torn up, especially my pointer finger on my right hand. It bears three distinct "rips" & the tip is quite calloused. I have "rock rash" on my right forearm. I have a cut on my left arm by the elbow. 
My knees are clear though. I just might have some form.
This rock was frying me like an egg. I couldn't finish.


I even rode a horse! I was a crazy outdoorsy type this vacation!

Guess where Cameron and I are spending our anniversary? In Lone Pine. I don't know if we'll climb, but we'll venture into the wilderness. I'll be there with him to enjoy it because I've overcome one of my biggest fears (which is ridiculous really), discomfort. 

....oh and one more "Hey Girl" for good measure.


good+hardy said...

Go, you! What an amazing feeling that must have been! And what an amazing place and audience. I'm looking at you for inspiration, you know - I am having a rough time right now with my self image, and you are doing awesome things. I'll keep following along to see where this journey takes you!

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