Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Playing catch up.

After a day of scrubbing my house for the arrival of friends, I thought I would take a moment and update my blog. I'll be quick- I've managed to neglect my blog for a bit. 
Here's what the Brewers have been up to since my last blog entry (June 20th).

We had banana ice cream with the sweet little Daisy...

...and played on the playground with her sister, the darling Lily.

We had Vegan Organic KindKreme.

Cameron and I were graciously put on the guest list at Five Iron Frenzy's  Glasshouse show.

I danced to my heart's content and was dressed better than I have been at previous FIF shows.

I even got to say "Hi" to Jeff the Girl.

Cameron and I saw Moonrise Kingdom then came home and had a yummy meal.

Josiah learned how to peel carrots.

Mae took lots of pics of herself.

I found a great used music store in Northridge.

We partied with friends at the water park.

Mae held a baby for the first time! 

Great-Aunt Judy sent the kids ice cream money.

We stopped by the happiest place on earth.

There was too much happiness in Cars Land.

Also, goofiness. Lots of that going around.

My son, the hippie.

Mae put her ice cream money to good use at the Cozy Cone Motel.

First Summer "pallet" on the floor for movie watching.

We all got haircuts. I have bangs again! Also,
I lost about six inches of my hair to damage. Lesson learned, keep up with your trims!

We became members of the LA Zoo!

Mae and her monkey.

Siah and his alligator.

Cameron experienced intense heat in a prairie dog bubble.

Mae thought it was hysterical.

We bought a fish tank...

...and fish to go in it. Meet Minnie, Leonardo, Vedder and Kankle.
Yes, Kankle.

The kids picked out new bedspreads. 

We're doing a "woods/Fantastic Mr. Fox" theme. 

There you have it- a current run down of the Brewer's activities. I'm now off to clean a little more, prepare for the 4th, friends and ack- vacation!


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