Wednesday, June 13, 2012

(Sorta) wordless wednesday: "like, totally the valley fer sure!' edition.

Cameron started his new job in Chatsworth. Chatsworth is in the San Fernando Valley. 
We took him to work on Friday and stopped a few places before Josiah's appointment, then we turned back around and had more fun out in "The Valley".

We visited a Northridge Starbucks. Mae looks like she's in the middle of another earthquake.

Josiah plays it cool. We picked this particular Starbucks due to it's close vicinity to a certain
drummer/guitarist/singer/coffee enthusiast's studio. One of these days... 

Speaking of studios, we stopped by this legendary one. Josiah dubbed it
"Rock and Roll field trip". 

After a very long drive down Cahuenga/Ventura Blvd (what was I thinking?),
we picked Cameron up. Check out that groovy building.

There was a consignment sale happening next to where we stopped to eat.
Mae is ready for gymnastics now.

Josiah scored this super awesome jammies. I walked out of the store
with two leos and one set of Superman jambes for $10.85. Score.

Last, but not least, the most unappealing statue to look at while having
a snack. 


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