Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Worst Free Comic Book Day Ever!"- Comic Book Guy

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This weekend, without a doubt, was the nerdiest weekend I've ever had. That's saying something for a woman who has spent several hours of her life waiting in line for Star Wars films. As some of you know, Avengers opened this weekend. I took my own Steve Rogers with me, in full costume. 

I dare you to find the superhero that isn't printed on cardboard.

We had free tickets from buying certain items at Vons. We arrived at the theater and I was taken aback by the HUGE line that led to the box office. Josiah received several high fives & enthusiastic "Cap! I didn't know you were going to be here." He took it all in stride & even let me know that he "has fans". We cheered our heroes on & laughed heartily at the Joss Whedon script. It was a perfect beginning to Summer movies. 

Watch out Chris Evans.
Saturday morning I wanted to go to the "big library" aka Pasadena Main Library. It's a beautiful building and parts of it seem like the library that the Beast gave to Belle. While we were there, a librarian offered the kids a free comic book "for free comic book day". The kids picked out Adventure Time comics and were then told they could head outside to meet some artists & animators. Josiah shot out of the building. Animators? Adventure time? Avengers? Yes please. The artists could not have been nicer (check out Reed Gunther, a swell comic book drawn and written by brothers) & drew the kids characters that they asked for. Finn & Jake for Josiah, Marcelline, Rainicorn and Princess Bubblegum for Mae.
Who knew animators were so cute and young?

The artists were gracious enough to give the kids a few freebies that they also signed.
Mae was oddly shy about the whole situation. She ended up wandering off to play in the courtyard after receiving her Marcelline drawing. Josiah stayed at the table and asked for a Captain America drawing from a comic book artist who actually illustrates some of  the Avenger's comics. A very helpful and enthusiastic employee from the local comic book store let us know that Spider-man was going to make an appearance around 2 PM at the store.

Who can say no to Peter Parker?

That's how I, Leigh Brewer, ended up in a comic book store for an hour. 

Cap and I feel the same about the comic book store.
It seems our web-slinging hero was running late. The Brewer family, along with a few others stood off to the side, watching nerds of every race, creed and fandom have their comics signed. I've never spent any time in a comic book store. To be thrown into one on the busiest day of the year was intriguing. Were these the same people that liked stuff that I liked, in a more intense way? *I had cracked a Doctor Who joke earlier.* The store smelled like my brother Aaron's room. I feel that this makes sense. I perused a Milhouse: Bart Simpson's Pal comics. I mostly watched people. Mae finally had enough, we left and went to a vegan gelatto place in the same strip mall (KindKreme). Josiah and Cameron arrived a few minutes later, Josiah glowing after meeting a certain web-slinger from NYC.

What could be better when you're a five year old boy?
Mae instantly claimed "I want to meet Spider-man too!" I asked her "Are you sure? You're not going to be scared when you finally see him, right?" She reminded me that she had gone toe-to-toe with Stormtroopers. "Alright. Let's go." She ran ahead of me, plowed into the throngs of nerd culture, Spidey-senses tingling. 
We found him.
"Ma'am, is this your daughter? I found her wandering the streets of New York."

...she wanted none of it. Spider-man was great. Kind, funny & told her that she could be a Superhero someday. She slinked away from him quickly. I mentioned that this picture would make it into her future wedding slide show. Spider-man asked if I wanted him to film a special message for that day. Heehee. 

Nerds don't get lines. People kept cutting to the front, awkwardly. 

I will leave you with the lyrics to Josiah's Spiderman theme song:

Spiderman, Spiderman
Spin some webs, everyday. 


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