Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodbyes, backgammon, baby showers, capes & haircuts: a week of fun with the Brewer fam.

We had a busy week last week. Between saying good-bye BBQs, baby showers, play dates & turning in Kindergarten paperwork, I feel like we were all over the place! Here's a quick rundown with pictures. Enjoy!

I tried to keep the kids quiet while the rest of the group prayed.
It was like herding cats. 

Los Angeles feels a little emptier since our friends, the James family moved to Washington this week. Lena and Cory opened their home to our community group. Their daughter, Yeva was one of Mae's sweet little friends.They held a "good-bye BBQ" on Tuesday in their back yard. Our new group leaders, Brie & Robert have better quality pics on their blog.
Mae & Yeva in their jelly shoes.

While we are feeling blue about them leaving, we know that God was the one that orchestrated the whole move! From bed bugs to Lena already having a new OB (she's 34 weeks pregnant! I have pics of her baby shower too.) in Washington, God scooted their family right out of LA! It was Jesus in action in their life. 

Walking to the garden.

We finally put our plants in at the community garden!! We will have tomatoes, strawberries, onions, herbs & bell peppers. We walk down every day to water. I snagged a few gardening tools from the dollar spot at Target. The kids loved them. We're excited for our bountiful harvest that is to come! 
Garden excitement!

Violet and Mae swing while Violet's dog keeps an eye on them.

Friday we spent the day with the Fritz family. The kids had a blast at the park (where there were several elderly men playing backgammon), playing Xbox & eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
I  was able to chat with Emily in her new (and super cute) "bungalow in Burbank". Since her husband was out of town, we stayed for dinner & ice cream. It was a sweet time, even with the neighbor's crazed parrot! 

The kids check out the view from the parking garage.
You could see Universal Studios. 
Moses and Josiah make sand angels.

Saturday was Lena's baby shower. Rebecca opened her ridiculously darling apartment for the event. Her apartment in Los Feliz has a view of Griffith Observatory. It's also surrounded by big pine trees and doesn't feel like it's in Los Angeles (except for that whole "view of Griffith Observatory" thing). There was yummy salad and a cake from Porto's Cafe (Nichole Baird, when you guys visit, we're going there). I was excited to meet a few new gals from Reality & to give some love to the newest James' baby. I almost forgot to mention: I  was able to hold not just one, but two baby girls at the shower. Baby fever to the max!

Here is the radiant Mommy sharing specifics for prayer time.

The guests.

This baby is loved! 

 Sunday we went to church (as you do) & the kids ministry had the best crafts: CAPES! 
I didn't get a pic of Mae in hers, but here's Josiah looking super.

We have the best craft planner ever! We  ♥ Denise!

Josiah needed a toothpick, apropos to the type of haircut he requested.

After church, the Brewer men stopped in Silverlake to get hair cuts. Josiah specifically asked the barber for "a Ryan Gosling hair cut". The guy thought that was pretty funny & then told me that he and Ryan shared a mechanic which "means we're best friends". Did I mentioned I liked this barber? Our last bit of business for the week was to pick up camping equipment from our parents. We ended up hanging out with my parents for the evening. I even had some quality time with puffy Tigerlily cat.


Here's to another busy week! As we dive into the last day of April, I'm looking at another big week. I'm decorating the kid's room & we want to paint it. Today I'm just wading through toys, clothes & stuffed animals they don't need. It looks like Salvation Army is on our list of stops this week. I'll let you know how that all turns out...


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