Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Pursuits Are Called Outstanding, You're Emotionally Complex*

Day 18
Something You Bought

My chevron striped journal.
I have a penchant for chevron stripes. 
I had them on our Christmas cards. 
I want them all over my house.
When I saw this little journal, I snagged it.
It was on sale at Target & I was in need of a new Bible study journal. 
As you can see, I personalized it like a stoner from 1980
The Zep is never wrong. 

This might seem a bit silly, but when I look at this I see my desire to be a put-together wife & mom (the hip, chic chevron stripes). I also see my inability to do that: writing Led Zeppelin on the side of a Bible study journal.
It's a visual metaphor for my life.


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