Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I was in church only 4 days a week, not seven.


I don't think it's a secret that I was home-schooled. My parents gave us the choice of public school or home.
I have incredibly fond memories of being taught at home. Field trips to the best places, Halloween days spent crafting & watching scary movies (I had done all my school work ahead of time) and being available for outings with friends. 
Did I mention the roller skating rink or Six Flags on Home School days? Oh, yeah, they are virtually empty. 

The last item I would like to share is that I graduated PUBLIC high school with honors (top 10% of my class), was a part of student council & managed to not be shy the whole time. 

P.S. My Sparks vest had more bling.


Bonni said...

Yeah, we homeschoolers had the BEST field trips! My favorite was a trip to a potato chip factory (with lots of samples) followed by a visit to a racing horse farm -- all in the same day. My little kid head nearly exploded from the awesomeness!

My Sparks vest wants to take on your Sparks vest. ;-)

Leigh said...

About that Sparks vest- did you go complete the workbooks twice each year? ;)

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