Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I want to drive you through the night, down the hills*

Day 25
Something I made.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a cool banner.
I made this for Cameron's birthday week (yes, we get the party started early here) yesterday.
It's not like I can leave the house in my awesome car with my non-revoked driver's license (between bad drivers in LA & cool medicine-induced seizures, these things happen) to purchase craft supplies. So I had to use what was here. 
I downloaded the Drive font aka Mistral. Found a fan art image of the scorpion & made my own hammers (maybe the most threatening & mob involved banner ever?). 
Between being a mom, cleaning up and hanging out with Tiffani, the birthday banner took up most of my day. I had to color the words & scorpion with crayons, because our color printer is out of ink. 
I think it turned out alright. 
Cameron likes it.
I'm sure the Driver would approve by nodding silently.
That guy doesn't say much.


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