Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Got My Hands on a Miracle*

Day 3

Something You Adore.

It's easy enough to say I adore my kids. That's a given, right? This picture isn't just to to show you "them". It's a picture of them listening to music. They have capes on because they are listening to My Morning Jacket & the lead singer, Jim James, wears capes while he performs (he's incredibly shy & uses them to help him "hide" from the audience). They had to grab their own & dance along. You'll notice that my daughter is very Stevie Nicks & has a scarf. 
My kids have inherited their love of music from both Cameron & I. I first held Josiah while listening to the Foo Fighters' album that "Miracle" came from, In Your Honor. Mae was born to a Led Zeppelin song. Both of them will fall asleep to Everlong (in fact, the other day Josiah hadn't napped, Cameron started playing  it on guitar & Josiah settled down & turned into another human being altogether). It's not just rock music either. Josiah recently requested Bach in the car. Mae is a big fan of Ryan Bingham. 
I can say that I ADORE their love of music. 
It's not just background noise, it's their life soundtrack. 


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