Monday, January 30, 2012

Breathe Out, So I Can Breathe You In.*

Day 20
Someone You Love

I know this is a picture of my entire family. 
Josiah is looking extra cool in a picture he'll groan at in his later years. 
I wanted to put this up as a picture of Cameron. 

Before there were kids, before there was an apartment to live in, a car in our name, a shared bank account, wedding bands, etc. 
There was Cameron.
I met Cameron on a whim/blind date (my whim, not God's). 
Many know the story of when I saw his reflection and thought
"If that Cameron guy doesn't show up, I'll go talk to that guy."
Lucky for me, the reflection was my future husband. 
We clicked, in all the right ways.
We were engaged 4 months after meeting.
Married a year and day after our engagement. 

When thoughts of romance, friendship & a godly husband come to mind, Cameron is all of those thoughts. 

Both of us carry one word with us wherever we go. 
Can you guess?
I bet you know what it is.


His wedding band is engraved with the nonsense word and my foot is tattooed with it. 
Everlong is for someone I love.
My only love.


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