Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tickling my fancy: HelloGiggles & other goodies.

This wonderful weather has me gearing up for change. I know that Fall weather doesn't last in Southern California and you could experience a 80 degree Thanksgiving. I eat these days up! Waking up to cloud cover and gorgeous, cool breeze is my idea of a perfect day. The fact that I've been able to sport my little peach-colored wrap first thing in the morning while drinking my coffee is just golden. There is a reason we planned our wedding in the Fall & ended up on the East Coast to Honeymoon. Most people want to escape to warmer weather after their nuptials, we wanted golden leaves, scarves and coffee in the overcast cities of Washington DC & New York City.
In light of the changing of the seasons, I wanted to share some of what is tickling my fancy this September.

This Fall seems to be coming up Zooey! She recently launched a website, HelloGiggles along with two friends, Sophia Rossi, and Molly McAlear. It's a comedy site for the ladies. Where else are you going to get full re-caps of episodes of Saved By The Bell along with the latest in fashion & decor, relationship advice and everything in between? Just Hello Giggles. It's a website that I check daily, I usually read articles in bed on my iPad.
The second dose of Zooey is a her new show, The New Girl. You can watch the pilot on Hello Giggles. Make sure you do.
The last little tidbit of Zooey is that She & Him have a Christmas CD coming out in October. I literally cannot wait. Just like anyone else who heard her belt it out in Elf. 



2. Birchbox
Did I already write about Birchbox? I still love it. It's an online cosmetics company (think Sephora) that has a program where you pay $10 a month and get samples of high-end skin/hair/nail/cosmetic products. Every month is different and I'm not talking about little tiny samples, I'm talking big samples!! It's a nice bit of pampering during the month without breaking the bank.If you want to join it, send me your e-mail and I'll send you a link (you get points for referring people, so technically you don't have to go through me, but if you want to be nice to me...). I'm waiting for my box as I type! Excited!
3. I was late to this party. Missoni for Target. I was loving it and excited to get my hands on a couple items. Apparently the rest of the world was, too. Target's website crashed when they launched the Missoni products and the stores had lines around them the morning of the release. Crazy, right? I even tried to tweet to win a couple of items from a local morning news program. Spoiler: I didn't win. Oh well, Supposedly they are going to put out a bit more stuff later in the week. We'll see. 

3. Speaking of fashion, I have a new love (besides my high waisted shorts). My denim romper. I would never have thought that I could sport a little denim romper, then Tiffani handed me one. Life lesson: If Tiff hands me something, I have to try it (like Yerba Mate). I put it on Sunday morning, slapped my leather belt around it, put on my cowgirl boots & super long Anthro sweater and I had an outfit! I was sold.
This darling little mama home-schools her two girls and uses American Girl stories and dolls to bring history to life. I've been doing Pre-K and Preschool curriculum at home and wanted to integrate Social Studies. This website has been so much fun to use! If you're a homeschooling mama, I suggest it!

5. My new Miele vacuum! We have all tile flooring. Our upright was not doing the trick. We needed a powerful canister with attachments. Cameron did his research and opted for a Miele vacuum. I had never heard of them (they are made in Germany). This is seriously a miracle vacuum. It's super quiet, easy to maneuver, has different settings & the caddy for the different attachments is located on the back. I can vacuum my whole place in about 15 minutes (that includes furniture and what not). I was even able to use it while Mae was napping. It even looks good, which it doesn't hurt to have style and substance. If any house hold appliance deserves to be kissed, it's this little guy.
What's tickling your fancy readers? Let me know. Tell me too if you like any of the stuff on my list. 
Happy Autumn!


Molly said...

I am also obsessed with Hello Giggles. I love how much popularity it's gaining. I keep hearing friends from different circles bring it up and it makes me happy. I get kind of overwhelmed by the volume of daily posts, but I'm learning what I'll like and what I won't. I'm a little hesitant to welcome fall (mainly because of the season that follows it), but this weekend I'm embracing it! Going to a corn maze and apple orchard with some friends visiting from NorCal. I'll admit I'm excited to bust out my boots and scarves.

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