Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the Bedroom with Don Draper.

Cameron and I have been indulging in Mad Men. One must use a word like "indulge" when describing this show. It feels like you've slipped into another dimension, a cooler, more vibrant and velvety dimension. They've recently added it to Netflix watch instantly. After the kids are in bed, the house is quiet, we slip into our bed and watch one or two episodes of the 1960's period drama. I will never need to smoke or drink a snifter of bourbon because the cast does enough of that for me. The characters themselves are not terribly likable, especially the main man himself, Don Draper. He's an anti-hero at best. However, the show is incredibly intriguing, visually and emotionally.

 If you know me well you will know that I cannot merely watch a show. I must dig up any bit of knowledge concerning behind the scenes info. In my Mad Men research, I've discovered that the Draper residence is in South Pasadena.
Pretty cute, huh? I love that South Pas is often used for other parts of the East Coast (or Illinois as is the case for this film. ) I also found out, while reading an interview with the set designer, that she often obtains pieces from Pasadena Antique Center. We've shopped there before. It's basically a city block full of antique stores. We did not purchase anything seeing as they have high prices because they can sell pieces to the set designer of Mad Men.  It was here that Cameron finally discovered that he was a big fan of Mid-century furniture. The clean lines & the classic shapes. You just can't beat it. 

 Cameron has been wanting to decorate our bedroom and I think that the Draper's wonderfully suburban bedroom totally inspired him. While the Draper's bedroom is a little more colonial revival than streamline, we figure we could successfully mix the two. For both of us, it's a bit nostalgic. Everything we look at reminds us of our Grandparents.  We are on the hunt for a "tufted" headboard like the Draper's. We expect less drama in our bedroom though! We've found quite a few for a decent price. We'll also be adding a mid-century style dresser & night stands. We recently purchased a new comforter quilt set, it's not exactly 60's, well maybe a different type of 60's. I really have no intention of my room becoming an homage to Timothy Leary though. Again, it's all about bringing together a few different ideas that work together.
It's not her marriage and cheating husband that gets to her. It's the plaid wallpaper. Not unlike The Yellow Wallpaper.
P.S. This looks so much like my Grandma Berry's kitchen. It's seriously uncanny.

Being located here has been a huge benefit. Craigslist is chalk-full of awesome deals on mid-century furniture. We've also found tufted headboards for a decent price. We'll probably paint a little (a yellow like the Draper's walls) and find some decor. I'm pretty excited to see what happens. We've never really had a "put together" room. Now that we've found inspiration, it's a matter of getting to work.

What say you, readers? Any ideas? Sources of inspiration? Are you fellow fans of Mad Men? Let me know.


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