Monday, August 1, 2011

I had to show off the other goodies I snagged for Mae.
There is a HUGE Forever 21 here in Pasadena. They have a girl's section that sells clothes for older girls, but the XS stuff fits Mae as far as loose fitting t-shirts go. They also have the cheapest and cutest accessories. Here's what I got for her birthday outfit:

Josiah picked this out for her. He was very serious about it. He took his time, asked my advice, handled everything & finally settled on this perfect little owl necklace for her.

Mae's top. It's cream colored & basic in the front...
The back has a bolt of lace in it. So cute. Perfect with her new jeans and moccasins. 

A couple of little bows. So stinkin' cute.
I'm planning everything & my friend Megan is graciously sharing a PDF file of decorations from her twin's owl party last year. I'll be sporting my owl shirt & necklace. I'm on the hunt for something for Cam & Siah to wear. They might just end up in their basic v-necks to match the decor. Not too many manly owl shirts out there.
I received a coupon in the mail today from Vons for a free individual cake when I buy a sheet cake. Sounds like a deal to me!
 I'm still in shock a bit that my baby is three. She's a neat little girl who loves her daddy, brother, cats & riding her bike. She also loves to talk about Jesus and how he lives in her heart. :) I'm glad to be her Momma.


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