Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend & Last Day of Dodger's T-Ball.

We visited the IE for the weekend. We ended up in a spa at my in-law's new house. They worked pretty hard to get it ready for Memorial Day which included a fly over by none other than Mr. Tim in an airplane. Oh man. The kids are still talking about it. The spa was perfect. Both kids could touch the bottom and played to their heart's content. Mae even managed to get a little tan. Her skin tans really nicely, as opposed to her brother who is still very white.

Josiah is not about pictures. Even while wearing his Phineas shirt.
Mae is a drama queen. This is her after she injured two toes. One on each foot. She knows who she can be dramatic to & get away with it: Dad Dad Cal & Daddy.

Since I've been a bad blogging Mom, I thought I would also throw in Josiah's last baseball game. He did really well and managed to stay interested while in the out field. This is a huge accomplishment. He did manage to draw an entirely imagined scene from Doctor Who while out in the field, but besides that, he did awesome. Here's a couple pictures.

Josiah & his baseball mullet. 

The TARDIS is heavily involved in baseball games.

I can say that T-ball was a big learning experience. I don't think Josiah was quite ready for it, but towards the end of the season he gave it his best. He's pretty athletic, but I think his brain tends to be more "artsy fartsy" than ready for a game. Time will tell if he wants to play again, I'm not going to push him one or the other. It will always be up to the kids. I'm still glad that he got to be on "The Dodger's". He already has a pretty deep love for the team (Thanks to his Daddy) and it was special that he was able to sport the Big Blue on his own. 

Cheers to Summer!


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