Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspiration: Moulin Rouge Part 1

Inspired by one of my favorite websites: Design Sponge Online, I thought it would be fun to make my own "Living in..." . This is a feature on their website where they take a movie & find furniture, clothing & accessories that fit in the theme or feel of the movie. If I had it my way they would do a Moulin Rouge! Living In. I'm sure their version would be 900x's better. However, I was feeling slightly creative today and took to Polyvore and create my own over the top looks.

Moulin Rouge! came out 10 years ago (!) & I saw it for a very simple reason. I'll give you two words: Ewan McGregor. I actually choked on my ice as he began to sing for the first time. After that I was totally smitten. This movie is polarizing. Either someone loves it or hates it. I fall firmly into the love category. It helped to define my Senior year of high school & parts of college. The music is beautiful, the scenery is, as they say, "a treat for the eye".

Being that it is such a lush, romantic and richly colored film, I had to go over the top with the outfits. I would never put all of these things together on my body. Unless I was going to a screening of Moulin Rouge! I also tried to stay within a budget of either a girl going to prom or someone like me picking out an outfit for a fancy date. All of the jewelry is under $20. The red dress is only $50.99 on Amazon and the lace number is $96.99 on Amazon.

I decided with the furniture to just have fun. If I were to do one room in my house Moulin Rouge! style, it would have to be our master bedroom. We have a pretty small space & I'd like to make it a little more romantic. Our En Gedi as Mark Driscoll says. Since Anthropologie appears to be doing an "India" theme at the moment, I went to their site first. If only I could really shop for my family on Anthro...

Here's a few from Modcloth which is a super swell little site:

I'll finish up tomorrow. I'm having such fun searching! 


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