Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nighttime at The Getty.

Click the picture to make it bigger!

Here's our pictures from our visit to The Getty. Starting at the upper left corner and going right:
1. Mae is excited to ride the tram.
2. Josiah channels Van Gogh while looking at Irises. Would you believe he was quite excited to see it and then wouldn't take a picture with it?
3. Looking out over Los Angeles. It's quite a view.
4. Daddy & kids overlooking LA.
5. Mommy & kids overlooking LA.
6. Coloring in the Medieval manuscript with dry erase markers.
7. Mae is "reading" an information sign about the photography of trees.
8. Josiah holding a rattlesnake magnet in the magnet area.
9. Mae holding a hawk magnet.
10. Mae tracing moths, berries & worms.
11. Whoops! I accidentally doubled up on pictures!
12. Josiah in the tube room with his creation.
13. Josiah coloring his mask.
14. Josiah looking in the peep holes to see more art.
15. Mae on the "Princess Bed" in the kid's play area. You could sit there and read books!
16. Leaving down the big stairs.
17. Mae wearing Josiah's mask.
18. Mae talking about Good Night Moon. Her favorite book.
19. Cameron lounges while wearing the mask Josiah made.
20. Josiah is pooped on the tram.

The middle picture is all of us overlooking LA.
What a fantastic (Free!) night of fun. If you get a chance, go to The Getty after 5 PM on Saturdays, it was beautiful at night & the crowds were minimal.


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