Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Mom recently watch the documentary, Food Matters on Netflix. After watching it she really encouraged me to and for my birthday gave me the needed "supplies" to start taking supplements & eating well.  The gist of movie is simple: you are what you eat. Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself if you put the right stuff into it. It's almost like someone planned it that way, right? ;)
My parents have been drinking juice with supplements in it for almost a year now and the proof is in the pudding. Both my parents have lost weight, feel good and excercise almost daily. My Mom went from being anemic and needed a blood transfusion to running two miles most days. She also recovered from anemia faster than the doctors expected, they thought her recovery would take months. It took only weeks. I've started doing the same juice regiment and other than the nerve pain I have, I'm feeling really good. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better and I'm eating less. The nurse at my most recent Doctor's appointment asked me what I was drinking (I had the bottle with me) and I told her. She asked that I write it down for her so she could follow suit! I figured that I should share the info with the rest of you in case you wanted to try it out.

1. Grapefruit Seed Extract. This stuff is incredible. It does it all. When Mae was a baby our pediatrician diagnosed her with thrush. Instead of antibiotics, he recommended that I take this (I was nursing her) and give her acidophilus in her juice. It cleared up her tongue and the yeast rash she had on her for a couple of weeks. Other than helping you by alkalizing your body, stimulating the immune system, and protecting you against infection, it can be used as a household (organic) cleaner, veggie cleaner, it can be given to pets and to manicure nails. For more info on it, visit here.
2. Liquid vitamins mixed into the juice.
3. Superfood supplements. By definition they are "calorie sparse but nutrient dense". You can read more about them here.  I even put a kid's dosage of superfoods into the kid's juice everyday (along with Udo's Oil).
4. Niacin. This doesn't go in the juice, but I take it along with my juice. Niacin (B-3), is a necessary nutrient that your body needs. Niacin is not the most plesant of supplements to take, however it is  a vital one. I took it for the first time in quite a while on Sunday night and felt like I had the worst sunburn and my joints were swollen. I've taken it everyday since and "the flush" has been better with every dosage. Niacin also helps you sleep and is helpful for those suffering from depression. I also recommend reading this website for more info.

5.  The Juice: Make sure you get a real 100% juice. Most juices put that on their labels in the front, but the Nutrition facts and ingredients say otherwise. The juice I'm drinking has nothing but water and real fruit juice in it. My Mom and Dad use juice from Fresh & Easy.

6. Wheat Grass. You can buy the pills or make your own juice if you have the time and desire. My Mom use to grow wheat grass and juice it herself.

7. Aloe Vera Juice. This helps to clean you out and detox you.  It can give you more energy, keep your immune system up and improve circulation. I have a gallon sized jug in my fridge. Learn more here.  

8. Udo's Oil. Your body needs essential fatty oils. I learned this in college when I did a diet and lost quite a bit of weight. Udo's is the best bang for your buck. I've noticed my skin improving, my nails growing better and my energy levels are up. I also put this in the kid's juice in the morning. Udo Erasmus (best name ever?) has tons of info on his site. **Make sure to stagger your dosage of fish oil and Udo's. If you take them at the same time, they cancel each other out**

9. Fish Oil helps with heart health, inflammation, arthritis, eyesight and others. You can read more here.

I usually mix my juice up in a 32 oz bottle and drink it throughout the morning/afternoon. It keeps me full and I'm not tempted to snack in the afternoon like I use to be.

I'll keep you posted on my health improvements. I'm enjoying them already. :)


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